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The Mahila Shakti Samajik Samiti comprises of mainly housewives. Our current President is Sadhna Sinha. The Samiti was started with just 5 women, but today the group boasts almost 250 members. In the age group of 20-60 years, they serve not only the Gautam Budh Nagar area but six other districts coming under the Meerut range. Barely four years old, the Samiti meets on the first Saturday of every month to solve problems, help the needy or take up cudgels with the officers of the development authorities. They also take a tough stance against police inaction where innocents are made to run around to get their complaints registered. With a Rs 20 per month collection as a donation, they try their best to set things right and have helped not only damsels in distress but also many a member from the opposite sex. The Samiti has also successfully addressed and sorted out matters related to starvation, children's education, drinking water and marital discord. The Mahila Samiti often holds dharnas and shouts slogans at the offices of the district administrators and city managers. They protest against lack of proper provision of water, power, cleanliness, security and other infrastructure in the residential sectors of the cities.
Social activities done by our organization
This organization has proven it's strong presence in development of women's in society. Helping poor families with free medical camps, free distribution of clothes and basic need consumables.

Some major services which organizations provided are:
1. Free medical camps in various sectors.
2. Collecting donations for flood or national calamities affected areas.
3. Eye donation camps.
4. Helping poor families for the marriages of daughters or education of children.
5. Solving several issues of domestic violence or graviences by counselling.
6. Raising strong voice as a protest against social evils like dowry or injustice.
7. Raising the voice against local issues like electricity, water and roads problems.
8. Uniting parents against increased fees by schools.
9. Many other social developments.
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Kal 22nd of Aug 2017 ko teen Talak par Supreme Court ka faisla bhartie mahilao k ithihas me swarnakchharo se likha jaega. Mai or mahila shakti samajik samiti ki puri team is faisale ka kartal dhwani se swagat karte hai. Ye to hamare liye apne adhikaro ki ladai ki 1 sidhi matra hai , abhi hame apne samaj se, vishesh kar Khud se aneko ladaiya ladni hai . Thank you Supreme Court, thank you modiji. Or last but not least Jai ho Nari Shakti ki
Date : 9/24/2017
Posted By : Sadhna Sinha

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Happy Navratra to all
Date : 9/24/2017
Posted By : Sadhna Sinha

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Gurugram K Rayan school K chhote se Bachche ka katl 1 aisa wishay hai jisse Pura desh aahat hai. Mahila shakti samajik samiti ne paddyum an ki maa jyoti ki aawaj me aawaj milaate hue public schools K agents apna wirodh bhinn bhinn madhyamo se darj ki.
Date : 9/24/2017
Posted By : Sadhna Sinha

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About our organization

In the year 2005, a group of women depicted unity and power in the struggle to acquire the land for building a temple from the government authority. This incident trickled the idea of uniting women in the mind of Mrs. Rupa Gupta to help tackling the problems of themselves and that of the society. She put forth her ideas before Mrs. Kiran Mishra and Mrs. Sarla Vidyudi and they happily agreed. And then started an unending strive to unite women and this gave way to keeping the foundation of Mahila Samajik Samiti.

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Mahila Shakti Samajik Samiti

President is Sadhna Sinha.

Mobile - 9278140515